Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I wish I lived life more…

A hospice nurse would on occasion ask her aging and dying patients, “What would you have changed in your life or maybe wished for?”  The number one answer was, “I wish I lived life more”. 
One thing I learned very quickly is how precious life really is.  I’ve seen life first-hand drift away in a matter of seconds, gone forever. We hear about tragic things on the news daily that brings thought and concern to our hearts. To some, life is time spent, the clock ticking away.  To us, life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Don’t dream your life, live your dreams, whatever they may be.  Helen Keller said it best, “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing”.
So many of us get caught up in daily life, careers, making money and spending it on  material items as true American consumers.  I admit it, we were there as well at a low point in our lives.  Making great money, spending money, creating debt, and focusing only on careers.
 Though we were following the excepted path of society norm, slowly we could see ourselves creeping away from the life we truly wanted. Family time was now career time, happy time was spending money at Costco, and weekends were spent washing cars and mowing the lawn. Day in and day out, like an unforgiving cycle.
Clearly material items did not bring happiness, just the desire to want more, buy bigger, and keep up with the Jones family.  Something had to give and we as a family made the decision to change our lives and our lifestyle.
Extreme by some and misunderstood at times, by moving aboard our boat and simplifying life we have gained so many things. By getting rid of meaningless material items we gained strength in what truly matters. By living an ever-changing lifestyle of adventure with the ocean as our backyard we have escaped the concrete prison many poor souls call “home”. 
At any given hour there is someone staring at a computer screen saver at work inside their office, dreaming and wondering if they will ever experience life the way they want to. The choice is yours and it is up to you to make those decisions, as difficult as they may be.
Live life now…don’t wish you lived life when you’re talking to the hospice nurse.


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