Monday, February 11, 2013

What Power Outage?

Last night on the menu was breakfast for dinner.  A family favorite.  I assigned Hannah to the toast detail.  Nothing a five year old can't handle, right?  She was so proud when she handed me the plate full of toast... Half of the toast was done and the other half appeared as if it were fresh out of the bag.  I figured this is just what you get when you ask a five year old to toast bread.  I nonchalantly took the untoasted bread and proceeded to stick it in the toaster, pushed down the lever, nothing.  We have a problem.  I immediately go into trouble shooting mode.  Is the toaster plugged in? Yes.  Did I trip the circuit breaker?  Maybe.  I looked at the AC panel.  It's dark, no lights whatsoever.  I begin flipping switches.  This immediately gets Jake's attention.  Clearly I have broken something that he will have to put on his list to fix.  Lucky for me, there was a simple explanation.  The power was out citywide.  Oh well, dinner must go on.  I really don't think you can go wrong with any meal involving bacon. The kids didn't mind the untoasted toast one bit.

In the middle of dinner we get a phone call.  The next day we get emails.  How did you guys do with no power on the boat?  Well, let's see here.  I looked outside and it was pitch black in the houses surrounding the marina.  We had lights (dc operating led cabin lights).  We had heat via propane heater, and a fully functioning stove and oven also operating off of propane.  So pretty much had the toast not been toasted, we probably wouldn't have noticed that some dummy took out a transformer box at 100 mph (that's probably not what happened, but it sounds exciting).  So there landlubbers, score one for living on a boat. 

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