Saturday, April 6, 2013


Back in the water and back in action.  We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and time off work through the Easter weekend.  We sailed over to James Island, one of our favorite destinations, and tied up to a mooring buoy for 2 nights.  The weather was amazing!  Not a cloud in the sky. 

I have always wanted to have an Easter egg hunt on an island for the girls.  Jake and I hid their eggs in a designated area and they had a blast hunting.  After the hunt, we relaxed on the beach while the girls got a sugar high.  At some point, Jake had an idea that we needed to build a tiki hut/bar out of driftwood.  Why not, what else are we going to do, right?  So, we turned on our tunes had a couple of refreshments and waited for the crowd to roll in.  Considering we were the only ones on the island, it was a pretty mellow atmosphere.  The next morning high tide washed the bar away.  Bummer. 

Don't worry we did read The Story of Easter to the kids.  They don't think that Easter is about candy and tiki bars...




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