Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Equipment...and more equipment!

Sorry we haven't been around on our blog lately.  As you can imagine, we have been extremely busy getting the boat ready as well as living daily life.  Time seems to be flying by at a rate I would like to slow down just a little.  Excited summer is almost here, stressed that projects are piling up and the many things needed to be completed prior to departure are never ending.

We have added many upgrades to the 'Ohana these past weeks/months. Some of which are listed below:

- "Strong Track" by Tides Marine.  This will enable us to reef, raise, and lower our mainsail much easier as friction is reduced greatly on the tracking system.

-A bimini is being constructed, which will cover the cockpit area and serve as a new mounting are for our solar panels. This will keep the panel above and out of our way as well as provide a great sun-shade. (The photo is an example of what is to come, not our boat).

- Garmin XM weather capability has been added on board, providing us a live feed of NOAA weather and buoy information while offshore. This system runs off of satellites with an impressive coverage range.  For now, this will be our primary way of receiving weather information when not in port with internet access.

- Inreach Delorme (smartphone communicator) a two-way text-messaging global communications device and a GPS viewer and tracker.  This really is an amazing piece of vital equipment. It will provide unlimited GPS tracking of our vessel as well as global text-messaging. The DeLorme inReach is powered by Iridium, which commands the world’s farthest-reaching commercial satellite constellation.

- Viking 6-person liferaft. Great insurance to have and a must in safety equipment. 

- ACR EPIRB and PLB.  A must in safety equipment, GPS emergency locating equipment only to be deployed in extreme circumstances when rescue is required.

- Windlass!! Yeah, no more pulling 100' of chain up by hand.  Now my back won't hurt for days thanks to our windlass.

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