Thursday, June 20, 2013

School's out!!!

After what seems like a loooong last couple of months of school, the end is finally here.  After April, I'm pretty much done with homework, school projects, and packing lunches.  I can't handle one more field trip, school function, or class party.  I'm done.  The girls were done as well.  It had become increasingly difficult to pull them out of bed lately.  We have intentionally missed the bus on many occasions just to have that extra 20 minutes to sleep in.  So, guess what time Hannah woke up the first day of summer vacation?  7 am of course... I haven't seen her as eager to pop out of bed since the first day of school.  Go figure.

I have the girls enrolled in Columbia Virtual Academy for our "boat" schooling next year.  CVA is a Washington State public K-12 distance education school.  They provide all curriculum and help to develop a learning plan for the year. We are assigned to a teacher that we check in with on a weekly basis by phone or email. I also have to do a monthly progress report for each child.  I am planning on using Calvert curriculum next year.  I have read many great things about it and it seems like a well laid out program.  I'll keep you posted as we go along.

Katelyn - 1st day of school

Hannah - 1st day of school
Last day of school!

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