Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Journey on the Sea....

by Shane Norman

What's wrong with me that I break the chains

That are binding to the land

Is it a dream or is it real

They will never understand

I want no house, No picket fence

Nor shed by the tree

I dream a life of wanderer's lust

A journey on the sea

I curse the days when Im stuck ashore

Will this trial ever end

I have a need for something more

The seas my lonely friend

I have no need of riches true

For I live upon the waves

From seas of green and brightest blue

No more bonds of Urban slaves

The Fish they dart,the Birds soar high

And still I want to roam

Although I never really know

What lies beyond the foam

I see the sun to greet the day

A molten glow to love

And then in turn to say goodnight

With a blanket of stars above

I sleep in mother seas embrace

A guiding hand she'll be

To send my sleep a drifting

Towards my journey on the sea...

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