Saturday, June 22, 2013

Doin' the Coho Ho Ho

We have joined the Coho Ho Ho!  What is that, you might ask.  Is it the latest dance craze? Does it have something to do with Santa Claus?  Is it completely inappropriate to talk about in front of children?  None of the above.

The Coho Ho Ho is a sailing rally for sailboats and motor cruisers.  We will be sailing as a "group" from Puget Sound to San Francisco.  Then eventually end up in San Diego  in time for the Baja Ha Ha.  Although we are not big fans of the "group" mentality, we like the idea of the camaraderie involved in going down the coast with other boaters.  The rally gives us a date to look forward to leaving (tentatively August 14th), discounts, seminars, and a network of other cruisers doing the same thing.  Because this will be our first offshore sail, it also offers some piece of mind.  All captains are able to leave when then are comfortable leaving (based on the weather window) and stop at ports along the way, or go straight down. 

Check it out:

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