Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Emotional Roller Coaster

We had a great time at the cruiser's party Friday night.  I'm glad these parties only happen once a year.  We met up with some good old friends and made some new ones.  What happens in the dock, stays on the dock...

Jake's parents arrived on Saturday.  The girls have been talking about this moment for weeks.  They were very excited for their road trip filled with hotel swimming pools, bathtubs, an actual tv, and a trip to the zoo.  What more could a kid ask for?  Reality hit for me on Sunday.  The kids were ripped from my arms, loaded into a car, and sped out of the parking lot with GranDad at the wheel.  Ok, it wasn't quite that dramatic... 

Everything hit me on Sunday.  It all started with a line cutting ceremony for S/V Unleashed (another CoHo HoHo boat) in the morning.  They were getting ready to untie and head to San Fran.  They did the whole ceremony and toasted to the sea and wind Gods.  During the ceremony I was overcome with emotion and suddenly realized that we would be leaving soon.  I realized that this was something we had been planning for the last 3 years and it was really happening.  Holy crap!  
I had to take a walk and attempt to put a plug in the emotional volcano that was ready to spew all over the place.

Next on the agenda - say goodbye to the girls.  If only I had a "that was easy" button.  Instead, I bawled my eyes out and held on to my baby girls for as long as I could.  I know they are having a blast and enjoying being spoiled by grandparents.  It will feel amazing to he reunited as a family in San Francisco.  See you soon girls!  Love you xoxo!!!

We are currently anchored in Port Townsend.   The plan was to sail to Port Angeles this morning.  Change of plans... Our cap on top of our winch for the jib sheets has decided to crumble and fall apart in all of its plastic glory.  We left this morning in search of a new one.  It had to be ordered and delivered via truck from Fisheries in Seattle.  Problem solved, not a big deal, but we missed the favorable tide and will have to leave tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will be picking up crew in PA.  Then off we go bright and early Thursday morning!  Weather looks great!  The excitement is killing me!


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