Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's getting interesting...

I'm laying awake pondering life... I wonder how many couples woke up one day, said let's sell the house, buy a boat, dump thousands of dollars into the boat, then quit our jobs and sail off into the sunset with 2 children and a cat?  And I'm also wondering, how many of these couples (if there are any) have said this and are still married?

While out shopping for provisions today, Jake was left alone on the boat for 8 hours.  I'm not quite sure what he accomplished other than making my life inconvenient.  I am laying in a bed with 3 spare sails.  These are the same sails that have been stored under our bed (the v-berth) for years.  Can you say mildew?  I can taste it in my mouth and I think I'm getting a rash.  He is sound asleep, not laying next to the sail bags.  Why are said sail bags in your bed, you may be asking.  Well, because on Thursday 8/15 they need to be stored in our bed as we head offshore for easy access.  And because our bed will be used for storage because we will NOT be sleeping in it during the passage.  So why on Monday 8/5 do I have sail bags in my freaking bed?????  There will be some changes made first thing in the morning.  Stay tuned to find out if a sail bag can be converted into a body bag.  Just kidding of course...

We picked up my best friend Zachia from the airport on Saturday.  Little did she know what she was getting into.  She actually thought she was on vacation.  We played tourist in downtown Seattle for the last time on Saturday, I even took her to the Anacortes Art Festival on Sunday.  Then, Sunday night I made her sew our spray curtains and today I drug her along while running errands.  We made 13 different stops in 7 hours.  One stop was to Costco for provisioning.  When we got back to the boat around 9pm.  I thinks she thought she could relax at that point and watch a movie with the kids.  Nope.  I made her help me unload everything and organize it.  I made sure she knew where everything was at just in case I am hurling over the side of the boat for days on end, she will be able to find the Doritos to make the crew happy.  All joking aside, she is an awesome friend and there is no one else I would rather have with me right now.  As a matter of fact, I might end up bunking with her tonight...

I am pretty excited about our provisioning.  I actually made a menu and a list and everything (not my style at all).  We have a good variety of quick easy foods and snacks that I'm sure everyone that is not hurling will enjoy.  To top it all off, I actually found space for everything on the boat and I still have room leftover!  I guess that means we need more chocolate and wine.

The cockpit after the Costco run

Storage under the dinette seat.  Sorry Luna, no cat treats.

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