Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making Progress...

Day one: We motored through the strait of Juan de Fuca from Neah Bay in fog, light wind, and calm seas.  We saw a humpback whale within 2 hours of leaving.  Pretty cool!  We had heard horror stories of how wicked the strait can be.  We didn't have any problems at all.  It was unbelievably calm. 

Day two:  We continued down the coast and headed to longitude 125 which put us about 30 miles offshore.  The wind picked up in the morning and we raised the sails.  We flew all day with an average speed of 6 knots.  It got a bit rough because we were beating into the wind.  Dylan and I got to feed the sea life over the rails.  I took some meds and was fine by the afternoon.  Dylan came around the next day and was just fine. 


Day three:  No wind.  We continued to motor southbound.  We made a group decision to go into Newport for fuel and showers (thank goodness).  We arrived at the entrance to Newport at 0200.  Just in time for zero visibility with fog, fishing boats coming out of the river, and max ebb.  We were able to make our way using radar and GPS.  I love technology!  I don't think we would attempt that again though...

Day four:  We are holed up at the Port of Newport marina waiting for a good weather window to leave again.  There is a gale south of us that we would like to avoid.  Right now it looks like we might take off some time on Tuesday.  The crew is having a great time back on land.  Spirits are great and everyone is getting along great.

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