Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On our way south....again

We are "stuck" in Newport, OR waiting out 40 knot winds and 15' seas building just south of us offshore.  Newport has been a great place to stop and hang out.  The sun is shining, the sea lions are barking, and we are meeting new friends everyday. The plan is to head out Wednesday, around 0730am, and go out 10-20nm offshore.  The winds seem to be less severe closer in this time.  If the weather pattern holds true and NOAA has their act together, we should have a great push down south with 15-25 knots of northerly winds.

The overall goal is to make Half Moon Bay, CA by the end of the weekend.  Upon arrival, we will kiss the ground and play on the beach.  A day relaxing in SF watching the America's Cup boats race back and forth on the bay would be a sight to remember as well.

So out to sea we go, Half Moon Bay here we come!!!

Half Moon Bay, CA beaches!

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