Friday, September 27, 2013

America's Cup 2013

We decided to take the girls on a "field trip" to downtown San Francisco to watch the America's Cup action.  It was the finals between Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA.  Team USA was down 8-1.  They would need to win eight races in a row to take the Cup.  New Zealand had only one race to win to bring the cup home to the Kiwis.

I honestly didn't know much about America's Cup till this year.  I only paid attention because I was worried about being run over by one of the massive catamarans as we sailed into the bay.  These things make Ohana look like a sailing dinghy and can go over 4 times as fast as we can. 

What a day!  We arrived at the pier and watched as the teams boarded their respective vessels tied up to mooring buoys right in front of us.  For some reason everyone was cheering for Team New Zealand... The boats were amazing to look at.  Their beam is wider than the overall length of Ohana!  Their masts towered above us at 131 ft.  We could tell why it was necessary to have a crew of 11 on board. 

We found the City of San Francisco to be the perfect place to watch the races.  One could watch them on a boat, along the waterfront, or at the America's Cup Park.  At the park, we found an area that had a fake grass lawn with bean bag chairs and a GIANT TV.  We went with the latter option.  We figured it would be best to see the entire course and commentary on TV, lounging on a bean bag, basking in the sun.

That day, we watched Oracle snatch the win from the Kiwis.  It was such a rush to watch them speed through the course at 35-40 knots.  I was an instant fan.  The second race of the day was cancelled due to too much wind - Coast Guard regulations prevent them from sailing in over 20 knots of wind.  Bummer.  We were hooked and came back the next day to watch them win again.  Oh, the joy of being an unemployed, homeschooling family - we can actually be spontaneous!
We continued to watch Team USA's progress online through the weekend.  They seemed to be making a huge comeback.  They managed to catch up to New Zealand and before we knew it, they were tied at 8-8.  Of course, we had to watch them win in person.  We found ourselves once again, sprawled in front of the giant TV watching the final race at America's Cup Park.  This time, rather than being surrounded by Kiwis, there were American flags everywhere.  Oracle Team USA blew away Team New Zealand in the final race to keep the Cup in the states!  We stayed and watched the Cup presentation and hi-fived the team.  Katelyn was in awe the entire time. What a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the most amazing comeback in sport's history unfold in front of our eyes.  Never give up! 


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  1. Darren's brother from Philly is a fan of America's Cup and coincidentally was talking to Darren about it on the phone the day America won. I told Darren that you guys were down there, fun! We didn't know much about it either but learned a few things this year. So cool you got to see it in person.


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