Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So here we sit...

So here we sit, on the deck of our great cruising sailboat ‘Ohana, watching pelicans dive into the water like torpedoes being dropped from a bomber. As we sit, we hear the faint sound of waves crashing gently on the nearby beach.  As we sit, we watch as the sun slowly dips down below the horizon, changing the colors of the sky.  As we sit, we hear rushing water beside us as two dolphins swim by within the protected harbor.
As we sit, we think to ourselves quietly, what a beautiful place and question why people race through here and leave so quickly, onto the next best thing.  Half Moon Bay, California is a beautiful place, a quiet town settled along golden sand beaches, too many to list by name.  We love the low-key vibe and the less stress of the big city of San Francisco, which is only 25 minutes away. For now we have found our paradise and in meantime will enjoy everything that this beautiful place has to offer.


  1. Wish I was there. Enjoy the pelicans for me they are my favorite bird in the world.


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