Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the crew of sv 'Ohana!  Ok, I know it's been a while... I've had some complaints about my lack of posts lately.  Well, it is my new year resolution to blog more.  Not really.  I think new year resolutions are lame.  I believe in setting goals throughout the year not waiting for a dumb holiday to set goals that last maybe into February.  So my deadline for procrastinating writing for the blog just happened to be December.  Now that it is January - I'm back.

Here is a recap of the past couple of months.  Jake has settled into a work routine.  The girls and I have been working hard homeschooling.  We had a short vacation in Vegas.  Spent Thanksgiving in Arizona.  Hannah turned six.  Celebrated Christmas in Monterey.  That's about it...

It is winter her in Half Moon Bay.  Apparently we have our seasons mixed up.  It's been sunny and in the 60's.  What a change from the cold, dreary Anacortes winter.  We are so very grateful to be here.

This coming year for us will entail working our booties off and saving as much as we can to continue on our journey south and beyond.  I see a lot of Ramen Noodles and free activities (surfing, hiking, etc.) in our future.

Horseback riding in Arizona

Just another day on the beach...

PE for boat kids

Surfer girls

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  1. thank you for including me in your blog that I complain about your lack of… thanks for the update (for real). Sounds like heaven. There's nothing wrong with Ramen if it gets you were you want to go. Noodle on Haines family!!


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