Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boat School Update

Calvert curriculum is not boat friendly.  I realized this as box after box of curriculum started arriving in the fall.  In a way it’s exciting, but then you have to figure out how to make it work with limited space.  After using Calvert for a few months now, I can say that we won’t be using it again.  I thought that I would like the structure of it.  That’s why I chose it.  However, it takes the fun out of homeschooling.  I feel like if we try to be spontaneous and have educational experiences based on things that come up that we all want to learn about, we get too far behind and it’s difficult to catch up.  This makes a stressed out, grumpy teacher/mom.  I have this constant mental conflict going on.  Part of me wants to simulate the structure of a classroom and the other part wants to throw my hands in the air and say screw it girls what do YOU want to learn today.  I want to take advantage of this time with them and make learning fun, but going through a manual that tells you exactly what to do on day 78 of the year just isn’t fun.  I’m working on a balance.  I guess we are all learning here…

Calvert curriculum - NOT including Math.

Katelyn's study partner

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chasing Mavericks

If you haven't seen the movie Chasing Mavericks, I would highly recommend a family movie night. Grab your kids, some popcorn, and cozy up to a great story of a kid with all odds stacked against him who pursues a dream of surfing giant waves - The Mavericks.  The story is based on the life of surfer,  Jay Moriarity.  We  caught this movie when it first came out in 2012 and have watched it three times since then.  As a matter of fact, if  you are in a gift giving mood, I would love to own it - hint, hint...

Well, this past week we got to see the real Mavericks.  We were smack dab in the middle of the 2014 Mavericks Invitational surf competition.  Ok, so not literally in the middle of the 40 foot waves.... But close enough to rub elbows with some real live surfers from all over the world and Sean Penn.  Who knew Penn was a surfer?  He wasn't catching any waves that day.  I overheard him asking how to get on a boat to see the competition up close.  Duh... In my star struck moment, I didn't think to offer up our boat for a celebrity viewing party.   Oh well, maybe next time.

This whole Mavericks thing is quite amazing.  It happens once a year.  Some highly qualified meteorology type guru watches the weather and predicts when the biggest waves are going to hit just off the shore of Pillar Point.  When it looks good, they give the green light.  Within 48 hours, surfers from around the world show up for the massive surf.  A viewing festival is set up and the media swarms the area.  I met a family from New Jersey that flew in just to watch.  And you want to know the funny part?  You can't even watch the surfing from shore, you have to watch it on a jumbotron TV with a live feed in a parking lot of a hotel for 15 bucks a head.  Might I add, the live feed appeared to have a dial up connection - it sucked.  Yes, I admit I was pretty giddy about the event at the time. In retrospect, I would have rather been away from the crowd, watching the movie cozied up with the fam on Ohana.

The Mavericks viewing festival