Friday, August 22, 2014

Countdown Begins!

We have really enjoyed our time in the Bay Area, specifically the coast-side and Half Moon Bay. We have enjoyed the many beaches, learned to surf, watched numerous wildlife, explored several Bay Area cities, hiked, attended the America's Cup Race, attended world class surfing contest Mavericks Invitational, and watched the stars from our boat at night (on clear nights), all while dreaming of what is beyond the harbor breakwater.

A land based life is very demanding while living on the water. We are all ready to cut the lines and set sail again. While living in this area (with one foot on land) yet again, we have noticed most people are rushed, unhappy, over consumed with material items, and overall living a "boxed" lifestyle. My only response to those people is to live your life to its fullest, follow your heart, and seek enjoyment in the world God has provided us. The bottom line: Life is meant to be Lived...

This transitional stopping point has served us well and now it is time to move southbound, chasing the sunshine exploring distant shores. As I write, hundreds of cruising sailors are preparing to head south into Mexico and beyond, most converging in San Diego during the month of October, the last US port. We plan on heading south mid-September, taking our time enjoying the California coast.

We will keep our blog more "up to date" detailing our travels and sharing our adventures as we move southbound.


  1. Congratulations!!! sv Unleashed looks forward to seeing you in Mexico. Paul & Carol

  2. Happy and safe sailing, cannot wait to hear about the Haines adventures!!


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