Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flying Rats

This post is for the birds...I will start on a positive note. 

One beautiful morning, I was commuting to work via kayak. It was about 6:45 am, the sea was calm, the morning sunshine was gleaming on the pond like water, there was a quiet serenity in the air.  As I passed the inner breakwater, I heard a faint "chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp."  It was the kind of chirping that could only come from innocent newly hatched birds.  Sure enough, I look up at the nest on top of the breakwater to see three seagull chicks, chirping to be fed by their daddy seagull.  What a way to start the day!  I just had to stop and watch them for a minute.  They had the softest looking, fuzzy little heads with black spots on top.  Quite adorable.  Then I thought, what a life I have.  Some people rush to work in their cars only to get stuck in a traffic jam.  Here I am, potentially late to work because I stopped to observe the beauty of nature.  Not bad.

I continued to observe these adorable chicks over the next few weeks.  There were about twelve or so that hatched on the breakwater.  I noticed that two "daddy" seagulls would stand guard and watch over a group of 2-3 chicks.  They would squawk like crazy if the pelicans or crazy girl with a camera in a kayak would get too close.  I was amazed at how quickly they grew.  A month later they were almost full grown. 

Speaking of full grown seagulls... (this is the negative note, seagull lovers need not read any further)
We are at war with the seagulls, aka flying rats.  These pests have continued to harass our boat lately.  There are two in particular.  Yes, they all look alike, but trust me we know.  These two gulls live on an abandoned sailboat anchored near our boat.  They chill on this other boat then fly over to our boat as if it is the nearest Porta-Potty.  They come and sit on top of our radar and let loose all of their intestinal goodies.  The poop drips from the radar pole, onto our bimini, and all over the stern of the boat.  Did you know that seagull poop comes in many different colors?  There is white, red, black... They also land on our solar panels and let loose.  So much so, that the poop blocks the solar cells and we are not charging as much as we should.  This drives Jake nuts.  We go to the dock and wash down the boat and the next day, poop!  So, one day, I came home from work to see this...

Giant inflatable eye balls ordered on Amazon.  They are supposed to scare the seagulls away.  Don't waste your money, they don't work.

Now, I'm not a killer.  But I must say bad thoughts have entered my head - bread laced with poison, bb guns, sling shot, strangulation.  We finally settled on a high powered water gun.  We figured this would probably be safer and set a better example for the children.  So far, so good.  Seagulls do not like to be blasted with a stream of water and fly away.

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