Tuesday, August 26, 2014

S/V Palarran

Exactly a year ago today (August 26, 2013) we completed our journey south from Seattle, WA to Half Moon Bay, CA. During our travels we met several cruisers, all on the journey south sharing a very similar lust for the open sea and adventure. It takes a special kind of person to do the things we do, yeah that's right, we are special people.

We met CB and Tawn on S/V Palarran while waiting out crap weather in Newport, OR. We enjoyed spending time with them, sharing stories, and consuming sailor brews. They are now in El Salvador with upcoming plans to head further south to Panama, then onto the great South Pacific islands.

Check out their blog:  www.palarran.com

Hopefully we can catch up with them and make some travels together. In meantime, it's all about the JOOSE!!!

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