Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're Ready!

Preparations are underway for our BIG journey down the coast.  My last day of work is Saturday.  We are planning to scoot out of Half Moon Bay Monday morning.  We definitely do not have the to-do-list that we had last year leaving Washington.  Most major boat projects are done. 

Jake and I have been taking advantage of Amazon Prime to get some last minute boat bits.  He ordered spare steering cables, courtesy flags,  and some other random boat spares.   I ordered a collapsible mixing bowl.  Yes, we have different priorities. 

We have renewed our Boat US membership, joined a yacht club, sold the car, secured off-shore boat insurance, and started a new school year.  Check, Check, and Check

Oh, and we did manage to have some fun over the past few weeks.  We took a spontaneous road trip to Sacramento.  I was impressed with their riverfront, touristy area.  We took the girls to the Capital Building and had a great lesson on government.  The Mexican President just happened to be arriving that day, so we watched the procession. Last week we drove down to Pasadena and took the girls to the One Direction concert, then turned around and surprised them with a trip to Disneyland the next day.  Life is good.

Excited to be at the Capital Building...

"OMG Mom take the dumb picture."

Crowded Pillar Point anchorage on a beautiful Labor Day weekend.

Maverick's  Beach

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  1. You are sailing away AGAIN... well FURTHER away. I know, I know it's your dream... so I am very excited for you all. Wishing you fair winds and following seas Haines!! See lots of new things then tell us, looking forward to hearing about everything. Be safe.


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