Thursday, October 9, 2014

Port San Luis to Santa Barbara

We left Port San Luis at 7pm on Friday (10/3).  We planned an overnight run that would bring us around Point Conception at dawn.  We would then tuck into the Cojo Anchorage to get rest for the night and continue on to Santa Barbara.  Our timing and weather window around Point Conception was perfect.  We rounded the Point just as the sun was coming up.  The seas were nice and calm and there was very little wind.  We had no trouble staying awake due to our vigilance avoiding the offshore oil rig platforms and cargo ships.  We had the most amazing sunrise with dolphins jumping in our wake.  I was disappointed to see oil slicks and globs of tar in the water from the oil rigs. 

Sunrise rounding Point Conception

We dropped anchor at the Cojo Anchorage at 7am.  We were not impressed by the anchorage.  It didn’t offer much protection from the swell and there were large breaking waves on shore.  We were too exhausted to care much and took a nice long nap.

The next day we headed off to Santa Barbara.  We tried our best to sail in the SE wind – the direction we needed to go.  We ended up on a tack that brought us 12 miles offshore and into the shipping lanes.  Then the wind died all together.  Back to motoring.  As the day went on, the temps continued to rise.  Pretty soon we were shedding clothes.  We are officially in SoCal!  The water turned a beautiful turquoise blue as well.  We arrived in Santa Barbara with a gorgeous sunset behind us and rafted up to our friends on S/V Imagine at the SBYC dock. 

The highlight of Santa Barbara was the Endless Summer CafĂ©.  We went two nights in a row to have their “killer nachos.”  The best nachos ever!  We also ran into the Miller family and the girls were able to hang out and have ice cream with Sophia.  Santa Barbara is a very picturesque town.  The marina is surrounded by beautiful beaches and rolling hills with huge houses.

Sun setting as we pulled into Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Marina

Santa Barbara Marina

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  1. If it makes you feel better, those gobs and slicks aren't actually from the rigs. They're naturally occurring seepage from the deposits underground. Still doesn't make it any more fun to swim in! :(


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