Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're in San Diego!

Holy warships Batman, we're in San Diego!  After brief stops in Oceanside and Mission Bay, we have arrived in San Diego.  Entering San Diego Bay was quite fun dodging the kelp beds, lobster pots, and oh yeah the MASSIVE Navy ships.  Katelyn loved watching the ships coming out as we were coming in.  We have since bought her a Navy ship identification card. I won't be surprised if she is on one of them someday...

We plan to stay in San Diego for a few days.  Thanks to some good friends, we are on a mooring ball in America's Cup Harbor.  Jake has some boat projects (replacing steering cables, fluid/filter changes, etc).  We need a last minute shopping expedition to West Marine.  My parents will also be in town for a visit.  Our tentative date for departure will be the first week of November.

It feels nice to stay in place for a couple of weeks.  We'll keep you posted...

Ohana's new temporary home in America's Cup Harbor.

A very focused Captain.

Navy ship coming home!

Anchored in Mission Bay.

We're sailing! 

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