Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Still in San Diego...

We have now been in San Diego for over 2 weeks, the longest stop in any port thus far.  It's time to go.  Vamos a Mexico!

I have a very busy schedule so I'm going to give you a brief summation of our time here in sunny SD:

  • Visited with family (mom & dad)
  • Played tourist - SD Zoo, USS Midway, Point Loma Lighthouse, Old Town SD
  • Went to West Marine
  • Installed new steering cables
  • Watched the Baja HaHa boats take off
  • BBQ'd poolside with cruiser friends
  • Rented a car so we could cruise around and spend way to much money on boat stuff
  • Bought Mexican fishing licenses
  • Changed engine fluids/filters
  • Went to West Marine
  • Attempted to make the girls brilliant (boat school) - ongoing project
  • Went trick or treating uphill in some random neighborhood with no kids and a bunch of dark houses
  • Went to West Marine
  • BBQ'd with more cruiser friends
  • Installed new prop
  • Played hotel guest poolside at an unnamed Shelter Island hotel that does not close their pool gates
That's it for now.  Off to provision.  Next stop Ensenada - hopefully Thursday or Friday.

Who let them fly a plane??

The girls photo bombing Grandma & Grandpa on the USS Midway.

Point Loma Lighthouse

Approx 130 boats leaving for the Baha HaHa sailing rally.

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  1. weirdly I want to yell DON'T GO DON'T GO... but seriously don't I need to get over that by now?! So sail away Haines'... muchos adventures, vaya con dies... don't forget me.


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