Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Chacala is an anchorage that we had heard about and drooled at pictures from other blogs before we started cruising.  It’s one of those picturesque anchorages with a beautiful palm lined beach and palapa restaurants cooking up mouthwatering shrimp tacos and ice cold Pacifico.   The blogs weren’t fibbing.  It does exist. 
Chacala actually had quite a hippie vibe to it.  There is a beachfront campground and plenty of beachside inns to accommodate the backpacking style of traveler.  We enjoyed watching the Mexican families having some beach time over their holiday break.  There were kids everywhere making sandcastles, boogie boarding, and playing volleyball.  We were told that it’s not usually this crowded.  I didn’t feel crowded at all.  There’s plenty of beach for everyone.

There is one main road in town.  It is lined with small tiendas carrying basic provisions, local artwork, and beach wear.  There is no Walmart, banks, or any sign of commercialism.  It is a small piece of untouched paradise.  

A typical day in Chacala on the boat would go something like this: Wake up and make coffee, but only drink a few sips because it’s too darn hot for coffee.  Realize it’s too darn hot for coffee or anything else and jump off the boat for a swim.  Do some school work with the girls.  Get hot again and jump in for a swim to the beach.  Stroll the beach for a while and listen to the bongo drums.  Swim back to the boat. Watch the amazing sunset.  Crawl into bed and read for 10 minutes before passing out and it’s only 8pm (cruiser midnight).  Wake up and repeat.  I love my life.


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