Friday, January 2, 2015

We in the jungle baby! San Blas

After spending way too much time and money in Mazatlan, we moved on to San Blas.  We were looking forward to a nice calm anchorage and some peace and quiet.  That's exactly what we found.  The cruising guide books give San Blas a bad rap because of the no see ums.  We anchored in Mantenchan Bay about a mile from land and didn't have a problem.  We also used common sense and sprayed ourselves with bug repellent before heading to land.  

The anchorage is surrounded by lush tropical foliage.  There is a huge banana plantation so there are many street vendors selling their pan de plantano.  I highly recommend a loaf or five - 35 pesos each. The beaches around the anchorage are full of palapa restaurants serving plenty of cerveza, fresh seafood, and tacos.  If the plastic restaurant chairs are too uncomfortable, there are hammocks to chill in.  

The highlight of the trip to San Blas was the jungle tour.  We paid roughly $30 usd to have a panga take us up an estuary through the jungle.  We saw several crocs, birds, and turtles.  At the end of the river, there is a fresh water spring to swim in.  This was a truly unbelievable experience.  We sometimes have to pinch ourselves and say, "I can't believe we are really doing this."  

This fence separates the crocs from the innocent victims swimming in the fresh water spring.

Swimming in the jungle.

Palapa on the beach

Dining with good friends from Sarita.

Ohana at anchor in Mantenchen Bay

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  1. Almost like a ride at Disneyland except FOR REAL! AWESOME!


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