Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Isla Grande

After sailing/motoring for 30 hours from Manzanillo, we were greatly rewarded with a stop at Isla Grande.  Isla Grande is a gorgeous island just off the coast of Ixtapa, about 10 miles north of Zihuatanejo.   The island boasts nothing but crystal clear water, great snorkeling, and a few palapas lining the beach.  We stayed for 4 nights, caught up on our sleep, and had a great time in the water.  I'll let the following pictures speak for themselves...

We are currently in Zihuatanejo, anchored off La Playa Ropa.  I had no idea that Zihuat and the surrounding area would be so large - population 70,000.  We will be here for about 3 weeks awaiting my parents' arrival for the Guitar Fest.  The girls are pretty excited to see Grandpa & Grandma.  We are also busy catching up on school work and going through toys and clothing for donations.

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  1. Hey Guys! Checking in on the page to see how you are doing! Looks like a blast! Kids are getting so big. We are happy for you guys and your dream. Of course, we miss ya. We will be in the Caribbean in March 2016. Maybe you will be there by then... Take care

    The Southards


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