Friday, February 13, 2015

Living it up in Las Hadas

"I don't know girls, it looks like a rough neighborhood... Do you think we should hang out here for a few days?"

"I think we can handle it, Dad."

We have once again found ourselves poolside in Mexico.  We are currently anchored in the bay in front of Las Hadas Resort in Manzanillo.  For $200 pesos ($13 USD) we can park our dinghy at the marina dock and use the resort facilities.  Quite honestly, the fee is not really enforced...

Hannah is enjoying her time with friends from Seahorse and Velvet Sky - also in the anchorage.

Prior to heading to Las Hadas, we stopped in Santiago Bay just around the corner.  We were excited to snorkel at the sight of a shipwreck.  We headed out in the dinghy in the morning when it was nice and calm.  Hannah and I jumped in right away, ready to explore.  Next thing I knew Hannah was yelling, "My tooth! My tooth!"  The mouthpiece on her snorkel had knocked out a loose tooth.  Katelyn jumped into action fearing that we would soon be surrounded by sharks from the blood trailing out of her sister's mouth.  She yelled for Hannah to return to the dinghy immediately and hoisted her back into the safety of the boat.  It was all downhill from there.  I did get close enough to see a few fish near the wreck, the visibility was not that great though.

Katelyn had no intention of getting into the "open" ocean to go snorkeling.  We had to coax her into even getting into her suit and then into the dinghy.  This was part of her school (science & PE) for the day darn it, no choice.  I haven't quite figured out where her recent aversion to swimming in the ocean has come from.  Back in Half Moon Bay, she would spend hours in the water boogie boarding and surfing.  Granted we hadn't told her about the nearby great white shark population...

Jake and I celebrated our 37th birthdays this week.  I must say that in the real world, that feels old.  In the cruising world, we feel very young.  Most cruisers are retirement age and beyond.  We are continually grateful to be able to do this now, at a young age, with our girls. 

Our birthdays weren't spent with lots of gifts and parties.  In fact, we didn't even have cake.  Instead, we spent time as a family.  We played volleyball on the beach and hung out poolside.  We shared a bottle of wine in the cockpit and talked about where we might be next year for our birthdays.  It was perfect.

See, we're not old.  I'm pretty sure we could still make the Olympic volleyball team.

 Las Hadas is such a picturesque area.  The anchorage is surrounded by white concrete condos and resorts.  The white is accented by the stone roads, lush green palms, and bright pink bougainvillea.

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