Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Bye Z-town!

After spending 3 weeks in one spot, I feel like we have really learned the lay of the land.  We know where to find sink drain plugs, yeast, the best gelato, and the cheapest beer.  Zihuatenejo has really grown on us.  We know all the local stray dogs' names. We know where to get the freshest meats, veggies, and cheese.  Although, I am seriously going vegetarian with a lot of dishes after seeing entire cows being butchered, axed, and mutilated in all kinds of interesting ways in front of me.  Speaking of food, I have yet to find tacos as good as Zia's.  When you order a taco here, it can be anything from a fried taquito to something resembling an empanada.  I've just excepted this fact and now order enchiladas. 

Our long awaited visit from Grandma and Grandpa from Arizona finally came and went.. The girls worked hard for 2 weeks getting caught up on school work and we had scouted out some great spots to take our guests.  Their week long visit was filled with snorkeling, sailing, music, and mucho food and cerveza. 

My parents booked a room at the Real de la Palma hotel located about a block off of La Playa Ropa.  I cannot say enough good things about this hotel.  The property is immaculate.  They have beautiful, lush landscaping with a huge mango tree, bougainvillas, and pineapple plants.  The rooms are simple and clean and they have a wonderful pool.  We ate at their restaurant several times.  Sylvester (aka Sly) makes an amazing margarita and they have amazing sweet and sour chicken and pad thai - a welcome break from Mexican food.  The owners, Carlos and Elsa, were so very accommodating.  My parents left in a cab to the airport and they said that we were more than welcome to come back and use the pool before we sailed away.  They even offered to let us use their phone to call home for free.  This hotel is truly a gem and a perfect example of Mexican hospitality. 


One of the highlights of the Zihua area was taking the dinghy over to Playa Las Gatas for snorkeling and lounging on the beach. 

Mom and Dad had a great time snorkeling for the first time.

At times, things did get a bit out of control...

I fell asleep on a lounge chair at the beach and woke up to this on my lap, thanks to Jake and a 20 peso tip.

My favorite churro man.

Mom convinced Dad to let her to parasailing on Playa La Ropa.  She landed safely...

She took a great picture of Ohana from the sky.

And this is what we look like after a week of company in Mexico...

We are loaded on provisions - thank you Mom & Dad - and ready to go.  We will be taking off tomorrow and heading to Acapulco.  If weather and wind are good, we may continue further south.  We are excited to put some miles under our keel on our way to El Salvador.  

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