Monday, March 16, 2015

Zihua Guitar Fest

There have been a few times in our cruising life that have made me step back and say, "Wow! I can't believe we are here at this moment doing this."  The Zihuatanejo International Guitar Fest was one of those moments.  Not only was it amazing to be here for the fest, but it was amazing to share it with my parents. 

The Zihuafest had several different artists from all over the world all showing their unbelievable talent on several different types and styles of guitar.  We saw artists from Pakistan, Cuba, France, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, and the US.  Over a thousand people gathered on the beach with the sun setting over the main anchorage.  It was a spectacular thing to see and experience.  There were shows every night for 7 nights in a row.  All of the shows where only $7 per person.  Where else can you see such talent for so little?  Harold at the Oceano, if you are reading this, put it on your bucket list and go. 


  1. Looks absolutely amazing. We wish we were there with you to enjoy it. SV Sarita

  2. I hope you jumped on stage to sing?


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