Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Change of Plans

As summer approaches, cruisers tend to begin making summer plans.  It is usually the topic of conversation on the dock.  "So, where are you going to summer over?"  We have found that the majority of cruisers do not cruise year round.  They usually leave their boat someplace safe from hurricanes for the summer and go home or do inland travel.  We have had many discussions about what we might do for the summer.  Jake wanted to come up with a plan when we were in ports as far north as Mazatl├ín.  I said, "We'll know our plan when we get there."  That's just the kind of "planner" I am.  Plans are relative anyways.  We live a lifestyle that is open to many different options along the way.  I like the saying, "A cruisers plans are written in the sand at low tide." 

So, when we arrived in Huatulco and realized that we were going to be delayed waiting for our autopilot part to arrive, we began making plans.  We decided that we were getting too far behind our unscheduled, non-planned cruising itinerary to continue heading south without getting into the summer storm (lightning) season in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama.  Once again, Jake hates lightning.  So, we have decided that it is summer break time from the boat.  We will be storing Ohana "on the hard" (meaning out of the water) in Marina Chiapas, and heading back to land.  Since Ohana is our home, we don't have a home to go back to.  So, we decided to head to Arizona (home of grandparents, parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc...)  Surely someone has to be willing to give us a couch to sleep on for a while.  After all, we're not used to much space.  We have tickets to fly out of Tapachula on 4/28, then spend a week in Mexico City (yay!) then off to Las Vegas (cheaper airfare) on 5/05.  After hitting the slots and winning millions for our cruising kitty we will drive 6 hours to Mesa, AZ.  Quite the plan for a non-planner, huh?

Like all decisions, there are positives and negatives to this plan.  As we hang out in Marina Chiapas we have met many other boats coming and going.  A group of four boats took off the other day for El Salvador, I was dying to go with them.  It will be nice to be off the boat though.  I look forward to visiting with family, Taco Bell, and air conditioning.  We plan on staying in Arizona till November and will be looking for jobs to beef up the cruising kitty.  If any of you know of any jobs for two hardworking, adventurous, smart, responsible individuals - Katelyn and Hannah would love to hear from you. : )


  1. you could fly to WA and work at Icom... (can't wait for a reply)

    1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Actually, that thought did cross my mind for a very brief second. I would have to stay at your house though...


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