Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer Storage

Most of cruising is quite enjoyable.  Granted, we are not on vacation.  We still have to take care of "household" chores, maintain and repair things on the boat, boat school the kids, etc.  The beauty of it all is that most of these things take place in beautiful anchorages along the coast of Mexico and beyond. 

Packing up Ohana for the summer introduced a whole aspect of the cruising lifestyle.  One that was not pleasant at all.  First of all, let me make this clear, it is HOT in Puerto Chiapas.  To compound this hotness issue, we are in a marina.  There is not a lot of wind and fresh air breeze happening when you are tied to a dock.  We do not have A/C on the boat and the marina has tennis courts instead of a swimming pool (huh?).  So, the only relief from the heat is a cold shower - multiple times a day.  The temps inside the boat are hovering around 90 degrees.  Needless to say the chores involved in packing up a boat for the summer suck that much more in the heat.

So here is what we chose to do to ensure that we come back to a mold free, critter free boat (fingers crossed). 
  • washed every surface inside the boat down with vinegar
  • "tented" all interior cushions and opened all hatches underneath to allow air circulation
  • opened all cabinet doors
  • discarded all perishable food items
  • stored all other food items in Ziplocks, then put them in our cooler
  • turned off the fridge
  • set cockroach traps throughout
  • sprinkled Borax all over the floors
  • placed Damp-Rid tubs throughout the interior
  • emptied water tanks
  • removed all canvas from the exterior - dodger, bimini, spray curtains
  • removed EVERYTHING from the decks and stored items inside - jerry cans, kayaks, surfboards, etc.
  • took down all sails and stowed inside
  • removed impeller from water pump
  • flushed engine with fresh water
  • closed all seacocks
  • turned off 12V and AC panel
  • disconnected 12V monitor gauge
  • removed all excess lines and stowed inside
  • covered running rigging at the mast
  • put tinfoil on all interior windows
  • covered navigation lights and anchor light lenses
  • put netting on the dorade vents to keep critters out
  • closed and locked all hatches and windows
We chose to store Ohana out of the water for multiple reasons.  We think it's safer to have her on the hard while unattended.  It's cheaper.  The marina charges $240/month.  Our insurance gives us a rebate of $400 for storing the boat on the hard which covers the haul out fee.

With all of this work behind us now, we have never been so excited to stay at the Holiday Inn.  We are spending three luxurious nights in Tapachula before flying to Mexico City on 4/28.  The A/C is cranked up and the wifi is flowing to all possible electronic devices.  Yippee!

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