Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Acapulco to Huatulco is a 235 nm journey.  That means two nights at sea.  That’s okay because we are getting into the land of 2+ night trips.  We might as well get used to it.  Two nights is almost easier than one night.  With one night you don’t really get into the groove.  With two or more nights we are able to establish more of a routine and sleep better off watch. 

Our trip to Huatulco was pretty uneventful.  We sailed about 70% of the time even if it meant slugging along at three knots.  As the sun came up on the third day we were pretty close to Puerto Angel (about 20 miles from Huatulco).  We decided to stop and explore the anchorage.  We ended up spending three days there anchored amongst the fishing pangas.  The beach was beautiful and they had nice snorkeling.  Puerto Angel is a small blip on the map with not a lot going on – exactly what we like. 

We continued on, well rested, to Huatulco where we pulled into Marina Chahue to wait for our weather window for the infamous Tehuantepec crossing.  The Tehuantepec is an isthmus that allows wind from the Gulf of Mexico to funnel through and gain speed as it hits the body of water that we need to cross to get to Chiapas (our final port in Mexico).  Winds can howl at 40-50 knots with 12-20 foot seas.  No thank you.  So, boaters sit in Huatlulco until there is a favorable three day window for the 250 nm crossing and pray that the weather forecasts are accurate.

While at a dock, Jake had a list of routine maintenance items that he wanted to take care of (change the oil, fluids, and filters).  He also looked into our autopilot that decided to turn us to port randomly and not be able to correct itself.  Luckily this happened on our short trip to Huatulco from Puerto Angel.  It’s kind of a long story, but basically after some phone calls and several emails back and forth with Jeff at CPT, we were able to determine that the motor was bad.  I can’t say enough good things about Jeff.  He responded quickly to our emails and is very knowledgeable.  He shipped out a replacement motor via DHL on a Monday and we had it by Saturday.  I’m happy to say that handyman Jake had no problem installing the new motor and we are up and running again.  No more hand steering, yay!

We have enjoyed exploring the town of La Crucecita.  This is really the cleanest town that we’ve been to in Mexico.  They have beautiful park areas, grassy medians with pedestrian paths, and sidewalks free of random holes and rubble.  They also have two large grocery stores and several small produce markets.  Not a bad place to hang out for a couple of weeks. 

We have our weather window and are ready to take off tomorrow.  No signs of the Tpec winds for a good seven days.  We are heading out and taking the “one foot on the beach” route, just in case.  This means that we will hug the coast.  If the winds do pick up, the wind fetch will be manageable closer to shore.  When we get to Salina Cruz, we will start cutting east and make our way into Chiapas.  We are look forward to being back on the water again.
Puerto Angel
Puerto Angel

Jake's repair shop

La Crucecita

La Crucecita

Our favorite Tacos al pastor.  They shave pork and pineapple into amazing tacos.

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