Sunday, May 10, 2015

More from Mexico City

I could have spent a month in Mexico City, but I was happy with what we were able to see and do in seven days.  Our last days were spent strolling the streets of Zona Rosa, Coyoacan, and the historic zocalo area. 

We took the subway to Coyoacan, a subsection of Mexico City.  It had a small town feel with several blocks of great restaurants, shops, and a beautiful artisan market.  The area is known for their churros stuffed with anything from chocolate to any kind of fruit you can think of.  I tried the apple stuffing.  It was like eating a stick of warm apple pie.  Yummy!

A touch of the States in Zona Rosa...

Every Sunday they close the Paseo De La Reforma (a main tree lined street that runs through downtown).  We walked from Zona Rosa to the Zocalo and enjoyed watching all of the bikers, joggers, and rollerbladers taking advantage of the street closure and getting a great workout on beautiful day.

The entire exterior of this building was covered in tile - gorgeous.

The main zocalo and cathedral.  The second largest in the world behind Russia.  We were told this is the biggest flag in Mexico.  We were told the same thing about three other flags as well...

The architecture was absolutely stunning.

It's always nice to see a superhero or two around to keep the streets safe.

Sunday was a popular day to be in historic downtown.

There is a lot of bad publicity about Mexico City.  We were surely going to be robbed or kidnapped, or so we were told.  Mexico City is a big city with big city crime just like any major city in the US.  We did not have a single bad experience while we were there.  We felt safe walking around, taking the subway, and riding busses.  Like any other big city, watch your surroundings, and be smart.  I would return to the city in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to others.  It is a city filled with history, culture, architecture, and beautiful people.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience there... I will most likely never be there in my lifetime so how AWESOME to get to see it through your eyes


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