Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Weeks on Land

Yes, we are back on land.  We trekked from Tapachula to Mexico City, from Mexico City to Las Vegas, from Vegas to Mesa, AZ.  We dragged along 2 smiling kids, a highly adaptable cat, and all sorts of possession we thought would be necessary for the next six months. 

We have now been back on land for 5 weeks.  Jake and I are back to work.  The girls are back to enjoying the Disney Channel and unlimited WIFI.  Luna is enjoying the A/C and watching dove and bunnies scurry through the yard.  We have officially taken over my parents' house.  As much as we love being with family and having all of the conveniences of being in a house (washer/dryer, unlimited water, dishwasher, A/C, a huge refrigerator, etc...) we are counting down the days till our return to Ohana.  Oh, and by the way, it's HOT and it's only the beginning...

Let's spend the summer in Arizona!  What were we thinking????

So, here are some things we have noticed about living on land vs. living on a boat.  First of all, we are inside the majority of the time.  We go from lounging inside the house, to getting inside a vehicle, to being inside another structure - Walmart, Kohl's, restaurant, etc.  We are spending far less time being outdoors and being active.  When on the boat, we would wake up in the morning and go outside to have our coffee in the cockpit.  We would swim, and walk, and explore.  We would enjoy eating outside in restaurants with no walls.  This morning I woke up and drank my coffee in front of the TV watching the Today Show.  I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life just like that.  On the boat, I would read a book a week.  I haven't even picked up a book since I've been here.  Now I'm not saying that the things that we enjoyed doing on the boat are not possible on land.  What I'm finding is that you have to make a conscious effort to make these things happen.  It is so easy to get comfortable on the sofa and zone out in front of the TV.  It's easy to spend hours on end searching random things on Google.  Before you realize it, the day is over and you wake up and do the same thing over again.  This lifestyle is sucking the energy out of me!  It makes me feel blah and tired all of the time.  I miss the fresh ocean air, the sweet songs of the sea birds, and the solitude.  Having this time away is really making my appreciate our sea life more and more. 

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