Monday, July 27, 2015

Interview with a Cruising Family

Interview with a Cruising Family

By Katelyn Haines

Q: How has this boating experience changed you?

Hannah: I feel more adventurous. I feel like I have more freedom than someone living in a house.

Danielle: I think living on a boat has simplified my life. I don’t feel the need to do all the primpy things I would have to do if I lived on land. I also own a lot less shoes.

Jake: It has changed me from several different aspects. I see life differently, I look at people differently, and I appreciate the closeness and time we get to spend together as a family.

Q: What did you miss the most about the US when you were in Mexico for six months?

H: I missed the people who spoke my own language and some restaurants. I also missed the libraries as well.  

D: Not much. But I did miss. . . Taco Bell and pretzels.

J: I guess I missed Taco Bell.

Q: Is it a relief to be done cruising for six months?

H: Yeah, a little bit. I’ve been on a boat, where I sometimes got seasick, and now I’m on land, where I have more space to play. But I still like the boat.

D: I thought it would be a nice break, but I’m already itching to get back and away from the daily grind.

J: Not really. I don’t think of it as a relief, and I already kind of miss it.

Q: What is the best thing about living on a boat? The worst?

H: You can stay up all you want. It’s not a creaky house, and, to me, it’s more comfortable. But, sometimes when we’re sailing, I get seasick. I really wish we had room for a dog, even though mom and dad say we don’t have enough room and it’d be hard with a dog on board.

D: The best thing is seeing things I wouldn’t see on land. The dolphins, sea turtles, whales. . . And seeing the sun rise and set on the water every day. The worst thing is living without a washing machine or dish washer.

J: The freedom and the opportunity to travel together as a family.  As far as the bad things, I think we just deal with them differently. I mean, there’s nothing bad, bad about living on a boat, you keep up with maintenance just like you would if you lived in a house. Some days are better than others.

Q: What has been your favorite place and why?

H: La Cruz and Mazatl├ín because it just reminded me of the US and at the time I really missed it. Also, in Mazatl├ín, I liked it when we woke up and saw palm trees and fog.  

D: It’s hard to pick just one . . . I would say Isla Grande, because the water was beautiful and clear, and the snorkeling was fun.

J: Gosh, that’s a hard one. My favorite place is the open ocean. Why? Because it’s ever changing and takes to new lands, new places.