Monday, August 17, 2015

Land of extreme heat records...

Yes, we are still in Arizona...Land of extreme heat records, mass amounts of dirt, and very far away from the tropics.  This past week we experienced nearly 117 degrees and inside car temperatures of 122 degrees! There is not much you can do around here with temperatures like that, except lock yourself inside with the air conditioning blasting.

With surrounding landscape equivalent to Afghanistan and lack of things to do, it's no surprise we left this state in our rearview mirror and ventured to the Pacific Northwest nearly twelve years ago. The time here only strongly confirms that decision was indeed a wise one. We have lived our lives on or near the ocean for over twelve years now and will never adjust to "land-life" willfully again. Sailing, the ocean, and cruising are very big aspects of who we are and define what we have accomplished together as a family.

Danielle and I continue to work and keep busy with homeschooling the girls. We miss 'Ohana dearly and our cruising lifestyle. Planning stages are underway for our next big journey...more to come as we near closer to departure. El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama will be some of our first major stops as we make headway into the Caribbean Sea.

In meantime, we hope everyone has enjoyed summer!!!

Panama, Red Frog Beach

Arizona or Afghanistan?

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