Saturday, November 14, 2015

And so it begins...

The countdown has officially begun...
7 Countries...2 Oceans...6 Months (approximately)

Our tickets are in hand and we will be returning back to Chiapas, Mexico and 'Ohana the first week of December to begin our next big journey south. After a week of boat projects and getting things ready we will head out into the vast Pacific Ocean and make way to El Salvador, our first Central American country. Continuing south we will also be visiting Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. From the Pacific Ocean side of Panama we will be transiting the Panama Canal and enter the Atlantic Ocean (say Caribbean!!!).
With stops to offshore Columbian islands, we will be cruising and exploring the Western Caribbean. Our final destination will be the "Sunshine State" of Florida!
More to come, stay tuned...

United Mexican States
Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Republic of El Salvador
República de El Salvador

Republic of Honduras
República de Honduras

Republic of Nicaragua
República de Nicaragua

Republic of Costa Rica
República de Costa Rica

Republic of Panama
República de Panamá

Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia 

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  1. Be safe, cannot wait to hear about your adventures


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