Friday, December 25, 2015

Feliz Navidad from El Salvador

Yes, I won.  Did you have any doubts?  We stayed in El Salvador for Christmas.  We had a truly wonderful experience at a local expat's house.  Every year Jan cooks up a turkey and invites cruisers to bring side dishes.  Jan teaches English to the local island kids, so she invites them over for Christmas dinner as a reward for all of their hard work.  We had a great time practicing our Spanish with the kids and testing them on their English. 
Christmas morning on the bow.

Look Mom, your scalloped corn was a big hit!

After dinner, the kids gathered for a game of futbol. 

Rewinding a bit, Hannah celebrated her 8th birthday December 20th.  Her birthday just happened to fall on a Sunday.  Every Sunday the cruisers gather at Lynn and Lou's house for a pool party and BBQ.  It was absolutely perfect!  Their pool and home are beautiful.  Lynn baked cupcakes and several cruisers brought special gifts for the occasion.  It really meant a lot for Hannah to be recognized and feel special for her big day.  A HUGE thanks to everyone for making a birthday that will be remembered for many, many years.  

Another kid boat, The Vortex, arrived in the marina on Tuesday.  The kids are having a blast playing together.  They are heading south as well after spending some time here.  Hopefully, we will catch up in Panama.  The plan right now is to head out on Sunday at high tide, around 4:30pm.  We have a good 3 day weather window with a relief from the Papagayo winds so we'll probably skip the Gulf of Fonseca and head to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua or straight to Costa Rica.  Stay tuned...

Mina, Hannah, Katelyn, & Henry

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