Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holy Crap!

We are one week away from leaving civilization and heading back to the simplicity of Ohana.  Yikes!  I thought I'd be super excited, but right now I'm just plain stressed.  We have a lot to cram into a short amount of time.  On the to do list - celebrate Thanksgiving (duh), spend as much time as we can with family, purchase Christmas gifts to for the girls, get Luna vet certified for the flight, and of course pack all of the crap that we have accumulated since May.

Speaking of packing... You may be wondering what a family of four would deem necessary items to schlep over the Mexican border and bring to a 41 foot sailboat.  We all have our own ideas of "necessary" items.  For Jake, it includes cruising guides, screws, anemometer, emergency water rations, underwater flashlight, fishing lures, fuel filters, and the newest version of the Delorme tracking device.  For Katelyn, it includes the latest music from 1D and 5SOS, converse, jeans, jean jackets, leather jackets (on the beach in 90 degrees???), books, and journals.  For Hannah, it includes every trinket and rock she has collected over the past 7 months, books, Barbies, giant stuffed dogs, baby dolls that cry, etc, etc, etc... And for me, well lets just say I have regressed a bit on my shopping restraint.  I will be packing a pressure cooker, fabric for new throw pillows, curtains, cockpit cushions, contact paper, sewing needles, acrylic wine glasses, lime squeezer, immersion blender, electric knife, Christmas lights, a selfie stick (super excited about that!!!), and a new underwater camera.  As you can see we all have our priorities on the boat.

Ziplock space saver bags are my new best friend.  I was able to scrunch 6 cushions for our cockpit in these bags.  They all fit in one suitcase.  Amazing! 

Random crap (mostly Hannah's) that we have to fit in a suitcase somehow...

We ended up with 6 checked suitcase, 4 carry on rollers and 4 backpacks.

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