Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hot in Tapachula

I have never tried hot yoga, but I image it to be similar to the weather in Tapachula Mexico.  I don’t know if I am any more flexible after 7 days in my simulated yoga studio, but I’m sure that I have sweat away a few pounds.

Jake is worried that this post will be too negative.  I’m not trying to be negative, just honest… Our life is not all boat cocktails and beaches.

First of all, we packed, dragged, and hauled WAY TOO MUCH CRAP back to the boat.  It was fun being back in the states and walking into a store and saying, “Oh wow!  That would be nice to have on the boat!”  Boy, did we pay for our lapse in judgment and weakness towards commercialism.  When we left Half Moon Bay in September of 2014, we were good.  We had all the equipment, toys, games, books, movies, etc, etc. to last us a good 2 years.  Therefore, everything that we purchased just now was a “want” not a “need” and was stupid.  Even my pressure cooker that I was so excited about was stupid.  Guess what I found at the Tapachula Walmart for less money – a pressure cooker.  So why did I lug it around in a suitcase for 3 days?  Lesson learned, if we leave the boat again, we will not be coming back with 10 suitcases bursting at the zippers full of crap. 

Speaking of leaving the boat…It is amazing what can happen to a boat after being unattended for 7 months.  So amazing that our engine starter apparently started on its own while we were away.  Luckily it blew a fuse and didn’t damage anything, but itself.  It was charred and fried when Jake found it.  Not sure if lightening or corrosion caused it to spontaneously start.  The good thing is that Jake had a spare starter on board so he installed it along with a new ignition switch just in case. 

Everything else on board was okay, just a bit dirty.  We had minimal mold.  We did acquire some ant friends.  We found some wasp nests in our canvas around the helm and cockpit cabinets.  Yuck!  We didn’t find anything some bug spray and cleaning product couldn’t tackle. 

We spent the first few days still on the hard trying to clean and organize as much as we could.  Jake had maintenance stuff to take care of while we were out of the water.  We had the yard crew paint the bottom. 

Ohana was put back in the water on Wednesday and we have been working our sweaty booties off since then.  For all of the new crap that we brought on board, we have taken off some old crap.  We made sure to pick a slip with no neighbors so we could really spread out and organize everything.  The yard workers are the proud owners of our donated luggage.  The book exchange at the marina will soon be full.  Hannah actually told me today that she doesn’t want any more toys for her birthday or Christmas.  That would have been nice to know before I packed birthday and Christmas crap. 

The reason that I am so negative, er, honest, about all this crap is because it is taking away from everything that we love about this lifestyle.  Of course there was going to be hard work involved and cleaning involved after coming back to a deserted boat.  Now, on top of all of that I’ve had to completely organize and filter through and find places for a bunch of crap.  It feels like chaos.  When living on a boat every bit of space is precious and I don’t want to look at crap.  And I’m HOT.  Why didn’t we pack a magical fan that would make me feel 10 degrees cooler?  We packed everything else. 

On a more positive note, the girls are doing great.  They are loving being back on the boat and are completely supportive of my meltdowns. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post – they would probably have some negative looks and/or gestures.

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