Sunday, December 6, 2015

Journey Back to Ohana

After packing and repacking about 20 times (no joke) we were confident that our luggage would meet the required 55 lb per bag weight limit.  That’s 55 lbs times 6 suitcases plus our carry-ons which we stuffed the heaviest stuff into.  All together we had 6 checked suitcases, 4 carry-ons and 4 backpacks and a cat…

We proceeded to rent a minivan to drive all of our crap from Phoenix to Las Vegas.  We overnighted in Las Vegas (too exhausted from packing to have any fun) and with the help of our best friend Z managed to get all of our luggage checked and board our plane to Mexico City without incident. 

We landed in Mexico City and were delighted to find free luggage carts in baggage claim to assist with all of our bags and the cat.  We had a reservation at the Camino Real Hotel located inside the terminal at the airport and although convenient, we still had to lug everything through customs and to the hotel.  After clearing customs with a “green light” (thank goodness), we were on our way to a good night’s rest at the hotel.  Not so fast, our three luggage carts piled high with 10 suitcases were not allowed past customs and into the main terminal.  No problemo!  Two friendly luggage helpers were standing by with their dolly carts ready to assist.  They proceeded to load their carts with the 10 suitcases and the cat and took off at mock speed towards the hotel.  I have never seen anyone walk that fast with over 250 lbs of luggage on a hand cart.  Luckily, the guy with Luna’s cage did stop briefly to take a breath and I was able to disguise her cage with a black garbage bag so we could smuggle her into the hotel.  Our helpers were rewarded greatly with a tip when we reached the hotel. 

The next day was more or less the same fiasco getting all of our crap and the cat checked in for our flight to Tapachula.  The Volaris check in counter girl gave us a good eye roll and sigh when she saw all of our stuff.  Yes, lady we already paid in advance for our extra luggage.  No, we are not here on vacation…

Finally, on the third day of our journey back to Ohana, we landed in Tapachula, Chiapas.  All luggage, children, and cat accounted for.  Jake prearranged a ride with our tour guide from our last visit to get us from the airport to the Holiday Inn via his van.  The Holiday Inn would be our home away from home for the next 4 nights while we made Ohana livable again and had her bottom painted.

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