About us

Meet the crew of SV 'Ohana!

 Captain Jake
Jake has always had a wanderlust and thirst for adventure.  He is our boat mechanic, carpenter, head repairman, researcher, navigator, dishwasher, painter, and breakfast chef.

First Mate Danielle
Danielle likes to say "no" to the Captain.  She is the manager of the budget, cleaner of all that's dirty, galley slave, scheduler, expert napper, and soon to be teacher of the swabs. 

Swab Katelyn
Katelyn is the most responsible of the two swabs on board.  She likes to keep everyone in line.  When she is not dictating, she enjoys horses, football, soccer, and reading. 


Swab Hannah
You will rarely find Hannah without a smile.  When she is not wearing her life vest, you will find her dressed as a princess.  She enjoys singing, dancing, and swinging throughout the boat as if she were a monkey.

When not napping, Luna enjoys bird watching.  She is a lover of all creatures on the dock including dogs, seals, and otters.  She prefers sailing over motoring. 

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