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  1. Hi!! wonderful seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your blog. so exciting and a bit scary, at least for me. We are friends of Pam, who is always talking about you all and showing us your pictures. Hope she and Steve have made it to meet up with you all. That is ALL she has talked about for weeks!!! LOL. Mirian and the rest of the crew at DBCW

  2. Hello,
    My name is Crissa Boyink - my husband Mike and I run the DitchingSuburbia website:

    We're a fulltime RV family of over 5 years and DitchingSuburbia started as our own travel blog.

    Since then we've been making efforts to turn it into a full-blown resource for any family looking to leave a suburban life in search of something better.

    Our resources encompass RVing, Boating, Tiny Houses, International Travel, as well as Minimalism and Homeschooling.

    We love collecting links to blogs from other families that we find doing something cool - and your blog is one of them.

    We wanted to reach out and let you know that we've listed you on a blogroll in our resources section:

    We do try to keep our blogrolls stocked with active blogs - so once a month we go through and purge blogs that haven't posted for 4-6 months.

    As we discover new blogs we announce them on our Facebook page:

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    We also promote specific blog posts that catch our eye to the Facebook page and Pinterest boards.

    We've enjoyed following your blog and we're hoping to send some traffic your way!


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