The Plan

As every boater knows...plans are written in the sand at low tide.

Here is our plan for the upcoming 2015/16 leg of our journey.  We will head southbound from Chiapas, Mexico in December.  Take our time visiting ports in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua on our way to the Panama Canal.  We will then transit the Panama Canal to the Atlantic Ocean.  From there we will harbor hop ports heading up the eastern coast of Central America.  At some point we will jump off mainland Mexico and make our way to Florida.  We hope to end up in Marathon where we will send Katelyn off to high school (yikes!). 

*We reserve the right to change our mind at any time during our journey.  We cannot be held accountable for the allure of a tropical island paradise forbidding us to go any further and calling us to live in a treehouse like The Swiss Family Robinson (sans the shipwreck scene of course).

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